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Enemy Territory is a class based first person shooter. The different classes require use of team work and good strategies to consistently win. The purpose of this quick faq is to give people a head start on some of the more complex strategies in ET. Many of these strategies have taken me upwards of 3 years to perfect so I hope you appreciate them!!@#

Class Definitions
guys with guns; Your job is to take a panzerfaust and shoot it into the enemy spawnpoint.
they build things; You're responsible for mining the area around the enemy spawnpoint. You also can build things like command posts, but thats really not very useful in the long run
Field Ops
tactical spawn destroyers; This is probably the most important class. Your main job is to air and artillery strike on the enemy spawnpoint. The secondary but almost equally important role is to give ammo to the panzer soldiers. The nicest thing about this class is that you can tk all the time with air strikes and pretty much get away with it! I've found its best to say Jahaa!! after killing more than 3 of your teammates, its german for "rofl, i pwned you bitches and you're not even mad"
Covert ops
tricky fuckers; One of the best strats for covert ops is to take the sniper rifle and snipe enemies at their spawnpoint. If sniping really isn't your thing, another decent plan is to satchel the spawnpoint and hide waiting for the them to spawn.
pretty much useless; your best bet is to go cover the rest of the team while they work. The one cool thing about medics is if you get hit, you can run around the corner and heal yourself .. becuase of that i generally don't recommend healing / reviving others, you need the juice to be able to heal yourself

Team Layout
For most maps, the best possible 8 man team is going to be 2 soldiers and 6 field ops. Keep in mind that is the best, not necessarily the most fun. Myself, I prefer being an engineer, the sight of my mines in an enemy spawn point rocks!! The most important thing is to work together and stay on task, its important for everyone to be helping out especially on the multiple spawn point maps. If you see someone off screwing around, building or what not away from the spawn point, politly give them a warning that this is a TEAM game. No one appreciates someone who isn't pulling his/her weight, especially when it results in the enemy getting out of their spawn point.

Contingincy Plan
If teammates are not playing well together or helping out (ie, you find someone far away from the enemy spawn point) the best way to deal with it is to stab them with the knife. This beautiful move almost always results with them shooting and killing you, in which case you file a complaint and get them kicked. Some of the more experienced elite players might let you kill them and try to turn it around, but you can stop that by telling everyone on the server how this guy keeps shooting you, so you're going stab him to death.