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PostThe Unsinkable Tim Knox Posted: Sat Dec 17, 2011 3:34 am Reply with quote

Anyone out thereDexter Seasons 1-5 DVD Boxset enough to remember 'The Omega Man,' the 1971 film starring Charlton Heston as Colonel Robert Neville, the last "normal" man on earth? You remember, everyone else on the planet had been turned into deranged albino-mutants by some kind of deadly moon radiation. It was based on a true story, I think.Anyway, the deranged albino-mutants were always chasing Col. Neville because he refused to conform to their ways. They made his life a living heckThe Office DVD Boxsetas if being the last normal man on Earth wasn't pressure enough) and in the end, killed him in the town square. Scary stuff, my friends, especially for me, for I am The Modern Day Omega Man. That's right, I am the last man left on earth who has not seen the movie, 'Titanic.'
And like Col. Neville, I am constantly being hounded by an obnoxious group of deranged albino-mutants. Only there was no deadly moon radiation this time. These deranged mutants lookHouse M.D dvd albinos because their skin hasn't seen the light of day since the movie 'Titanic" came out.I call them "Titanic-Fanatics" or "Ti-taniacs" for short. Their numbers are legion and they are EVERYWHERE! Your spouse may be a Titaniac, or your kids -- maybe even some of your friends and coworkers (quick, look behind you!!). You may have a hard time spotting them at first because Titaniacs often look like normal human beings,new season of true blood eventually their dimentia rolls to the surface and the all-out assault begins.
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