What happens when you take the PVP out of drunken PVP Monday? by grizz - Oct 24, 2006
I guess I'll make a news update since everyone else is a buster.

So there I was, sitting outside of Ironforge, drunk, with no one else who wanted to AB. I missed the keystone screenshot of the guild spam message, but that's ok, I'm new to this.

There's a hot new FAMILY oriented guild that'll help you level AND take you through instances, and since all the priests decided to kill me tonight (yeah, GREAT welcome back present fuckers :D) I was looking for some consoling. I talked to the representitive for a bit and opened negotiations

I explain how awesome I was.

No epics needed for what I'm about to do

Despite what all you hater's say

officer is pretty awesome.

So this is my new home, I better find out the history to it.

Now I'm comfortable as an officer, everything was like the old days.

These nazi's let anyone in, no background checks or anything

Just so I don't stand out, I should check for the insider info

Sweet, I'm on top of the world, I'll start chillin with all these peeps and find out what it's like to not be a purple farmer.

Well, SUPRISE, they're not actually the family guild they said they were, they're pretty obsessed with PURPLES. Who'd have ever guess that they were actually just hating??

That's obviously not what I signed up for

He brings his EPIC hunter to me, just to show how inferior I am (I'm oblivious to that, because I never hang in #ughunter)

And then proceeds to straight up OWN some people at dueling, even with questionable tactics

Shit I'm obviously outclassed be these dudes, maybe I should find out what we have in common, so I start to unleash my charm. Shit, now this uber dude thinks I work with him, so I'm pretty much in.

Oh, I guess I'm not in :( I'm not done tho, maybe he has a hot sister that I can marry into the family with.

Well this isn't really going how I'd planned, he's got better gear than me in WoW AND in real life :( My only real choice here is to bluff my way out. So I offer to duel him, my 10 runeclotch bandages for my new guild(I need handicap, I'm not EPIC), even tho his uber epic hunter isn't it (he's in an uber epic guild I guess). He keeps backing down, so I'm pretty sure my bluff worked and move in to put the final squeeze on.

That didn't work. :(

So yeah, he critted a couple times right off jump, and I was through. Really proves I'm a lover not a fighter, so it's time to go back to my roots.

Long story short, looking for a guild, moral of the story, DON'T TAKE THE PVP OUT OF DRUNKEN PVP MONDAYS YOU SISSIES.

It's pretty fucking hard sort pics and trying to put in captions while drunk, so I may edit this later for grammar / continuity, etc. Since we don't have any comment shit here, and I know at least one person who wants to comment: here.