TLDR by grizz - Apr 10, 2007
Everyone keeps bugging me to make a news post, but I have fuck all to say. Even if I did, it's pretty hard finding the time since I'm either working, playing, or out drinking. Sometimes even playing drunk at work.

At least I'm not the only one. In fact, chalk full of Wisconsinites, I'm sure we're the drunkest guild on Azgalor.

He's a lot more fun when he's drunk though,

So I rerolled as a warrior for BC, and I'm a pretty fucking good tank too.

If they're trying to say battle stance tanking with a blacksmith hammer isn't a good strat, they either don't know what a good tank is, or they don't like me :/

So yeah, we've been grouping up

and doing some heroics and shit

which is not only fun, but you really find out who your friends are.

Hrm...or not

Enough of my megalomaniacal banter, on to the shit people actually care about:


Guild is pretty much the same ole, same ole. We're all pretty helpful to each other

and like one big happy e-family.

As close as we all are, we're not actually gay, I swear.

Sure you don't.

Later mang!

So as you can see, not everyone is completely happy with their station in life, but that's fine, a little bit of churn never hurt anyone.

Not sure why Be got exempted, but whatever.

Win some, lose some.

We got some old people coming back, so we're fine.

This would be a good time to link some shit from Deisel and Sooch, but I don't really like them, nor do they ever say anything screenshot worthy.


I guess we've been doing some raiding too. We got an awesome loot system to distribute loot fairly, it's based on the age old adage "you snooze, you loose." Seems to work pretty well, however, sometimes we have dps problems while we're all clicking on the shit with mobs still alive.

Can even throw in some friendly bets to make the loot better!

I find it's best to practice a lot of fights first, unfortunately sometimes clearing trash gets too monotonous so it's nice to find other places to practice the same mechanics.

Even with all the practice we do, sometimes we run out of health :(

For those of you who don't know what fecundity is.

So then it's back to the drawing board, more strats, more practice.

But raiding is serious business, so we trudge on.

Sometimes I have to remind people to focus, but that's expected I guess.

Masterful use of raid symbols is pretty helpful, for example, to remind us that Erv's a square, we make him wear that symbol!

After all our hard work and practice, it's time to get some loots!

I got my TIER FOUR hat, it looks fucking awesome, despite what the haters say.

Of course, the other thing our loot system doesn't account for is the people who don't do shit until everyone else puts the effort forth to learn the fights. We'll have to see if we can work that out in a later revision.

Random quotes
I also have fuck all for rangom quotes :| I blame you fuckers for not saying any oneliners.

In honor of our theme song:
My dick

Your dick

Our hero!

Stop ruining my gaming experience.

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